What is 9apps?

9apps is a user-friendly app, which allows you to download your desired apps and games directly to your mobile without any signup or authentication requests. It is a third party app, being completely bugless, and having easy to understand interface makes it easier for anyone to understand and to use.

Perks of 9apps over the traditional Google play

  • The foremost perk of 9apps is that it download apks unlike Google play which installs the app directly in 9apps you can keep the apk as a backup may install it later.
  • 9apps is ram friendly, light in nature having a very small size it can be used easily in any phone.
  • 9apps provide games, apps, wallpaper, themes all in their sorted categories, so it is easier to look for them and find them.
  • 9apps is integrated with a high-speed downloader thus, it downloads apps fast.
  • 9apps does not take heavy background update and runs background process as if other traditional app hosts thus it poses a very low burden on your processor.
  • 9apps does not require any authentication, verification and sign ups just install and use.
  • 9apps have the unbiased and advertisement free rating system, which lets you judge the app perfectly.
  • 9apps keeps you updated with current trend and updates of your currently installed apps.

Trust and authentication

9apps is well-tested bug-free which prioritizes your privacy. Unlike any other non tested app, 9apps is well tested and evaluated by the beta users. It is highly appreciated and high rated by the current users. Famous developers universal 9Apps developed it.

Why you need it?

9apps doesn’t only save burden from your phone, but it is also faster, safer and easy to use just one click download that is why is it a revolution in the world of the app it saves your lot of money and time.

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